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Event Details

Distances per Ages

 Age      Swim      Cycle     Run 

3-5yrs   S,20m  C,150m  R,250m

6-7yrs   S,25m  C,1.5k  R,0.5k

8-9yrs   S,50m  C,4k   R,1k

10-11yrs   S,100m  C,5k  R,1.5k

12-13yrs   S,200m  C,8k  R,2k

14-15yrs   S,300m  C,8k  R,3k

16-17yrs   S,300m  C,8k  R,3k

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General Information

The first event will begin in the Prince Edward Fitness and Aquatic Centre (PEFAC) pool, followed by the bike course. You will then complete your triathlon on the running course. We have many volunteers along the route to help you with your race. You are responsible to know where your turn around will be, so we suggest you check the maps carefully, volunteers will also be there to help you. Turn around will be clearly marked and have coloured balloons which match the child’s bib colour ~ so look out for them! 

Sub-midgets (3-5 year olds) will stay on the grounds of the facility at all times, swimming in the pool, biking around the empty parking lot and running on the run course around the facility to the finish line.

During registration, you will receive a race kit. In it you will find your Triathlon T-shirt, your competition number (bib), two numbered stickers and some other goodies. 

  • attach the bib number to the front of what you wear during your bike and run portions 

  • larger sticker should be applied to your bike helmet 

  • the smaller sticker attached to a wire on your bike

  • Your Triathlon T-shirt is your gift. You are not obliged to wear it on race day

Race Day

What to do and bring

On race day, everyone must be on site with their bikes in the Transition area before 8:30 a.m., and be fully registered, with no exception. 


Parking for this event, for competitors, will be at the County Farm Centre Limited. County Farm Centre is at the bottom of Cold Storage Road. If this area becomes full, there is limited parking around the outer edges only of NoFrills, Shelin Pools, and across the road at the old Hydro building. Parking will not be permitted at the NoFrills gas station. Volunteers will be directing traffic at PEFAC in our “kiss and ride” area for bicycle drop off only.

There will be an obligatory pre-race meeting beside the finish line at 8:35 a.m. 

The 3-5 year olds race first, followed by the oldest group (14-17), then each younger age group in turn. We expect our final racers will start the race just before noon. We encourage racers waiting to participate to cheer on their fellow racers!

What you will need to bring: 


  • Wear your bathing suit 

  • Swim Goggles (optional) 

  • Swim cap (provided on the day of the race) 

  • Towel (set down by your bike)


  • Bicycle (safe, tires pumped, brakes working and kickstand removed/zip tied) 

  • Helmet (mandatory) 

  • Running Shoes & Socks (ankle length recommended) *bring another pair of shoes as you will be leaving your running shoes beside your bike 

  • Shorts (optional, remember there is no time to change after the swim) 

  • Shirt - your bib must be worn on the shirt – pinned on or a race belt 

  • Water bottle (optional) 

Run course: 

  • Nothing extra required.

Once you have passed the finish line, your ankle bracelet will be removed by a race official. Please enjoy a complimentary lunch and drink for your hard work. Enjoy!

Important Stuff

What to do


We ask that all competitors be in the upstairs viewing room at least 30 minutes prior to their swim time (time your heat begins to swim in the pool), to be marshalled. There will be lists of approximate swim times (heat sheets) posted in the Marking Room. These times may vary – it is your responsibility not to miss your race start time. Just prior to your swim, a ‘chip time’ ankle bracelet will be fitted for you and activated during your race. Please check at the PEFAC Body Marking Room for your start time in the pool.


Once the athletes have been marshalled for the swim in the upstairs fitness room at PEFAC, parents may stay with their child until they enter the pool deck area. Due to limited space and safety issues, parents/guardians of children swimming the ongoing heat will be allowed to see their child in a small viewing area on the pool deck. If your child is NOT swimming that particular heat, please do not go on the deck. Many volunteers will be available to assist by the pool.


On the morning of the race, between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m. – and after receiving your race kit if you are picking it up that morning – bring your bike into the transition zone. Place your bike on the rack with the matching number to your bib number – there will be volunteers there to assist you with this. Your bike must have a sticker showing your race bib number (it will be with your bib) and helmets should be fit checked by the parents before race day. For security reasons, after the race, the number on the bicycle sticker must match the race bib number in order to claim your bicycle.

Parents may accompany their children into the transition zone to help them set up; pre-race only. Some athletes like to place a small basket beside the back wheel of their bike in which to place their articles including their towel, socks, running shoes, shirt with the bib attached to the front, water bottle, and any other items to help them with their race.

Helmets may be hung onto the handle bars of the bike, or placed on the ground beside.

Once the transition area is closed at 8:30 a.m., parents will NOT be allowed entrance until the race is complete and the last competitor has crossed the finish line. This will be strictly enforced.

Please alert a volunteer in the transition area if you have any concerns about your child. No bicycles will be allowed in to the transition area after 8:30 a.m. Be there promptly or you will miss the race!

After the last competitor has crossed the finish line the transition zone will be opened up for bike retrieval. For security reasons, the number on the bicycle sticker must match the race bib number in order to claim your bicycle.


The bike portion of the race has many volunteers, radio operators and police officers. The course is clearly marked and blocked to through traffic – it is important to stress to the children to use normal caution while riding a bicycle. There will be other competitors coming the other way and the cyclists need to stay to the right of the lane. As the County Kids of Steel is an equal opportunity event, you may see different types of bikes on the course, please respect your fellow athletes.

Each competitor is responsible to be aware of where their turn around is; so we encourage parents to try to show them prior to the race. The volunteers will be there to help all of the children with this. The children’s race bibs are colour coded (see below) indicating their turn around point. New this year, coloured balloons will be added to mark the turn around point. A volunteer will assist your child at each turn around point.


The run portion is marked by balloons and again, the competitor is responsible to be aware of their turn around – there will be signs telling them where this is and again the volunteers will help them as much as possible. As the County Kids of Steel is an equal opportunity event, athletes are reminded to respect fellow runners with varying speeds and abilities on the trail.

There is water available along the run course and we encourage the athletes to drink as they go, especially if it is a hot day. 

Parents are not permitted onto the run course – if you have concerns, please notify a volunteer.

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